You feel good in a new apartment, but you say that it would still want to get some suitable home accessories? Although you have new floors, you have left to lay beautiful floorboards, but especially during the winter the flat is too cold? Would you like to revive it a little, replenish with warm colors, but do not know what way to do it? Modern carpets know the answer to your affliction! They know that you don't have to buy a whole new floor with warm carpet to make your apartment feel good. They know that you just need a small size carpet with a suitable motif and the legs can be warm even so.
You do not need to solve
Take home a comfortable and tasteful modern carpet and you don't need to tackle it at all. Our carpets are always easy to move to a new place whenever you want. Simply roll and transfer them. If you look at our e-shop you will find that the dimensions of our carpets range from dimensions 60 x 40 cm, so their movements are not difficult. We have, of course, carpets of larger sizes, which can cover the whole room, dimensionally correspond to 500 to 400 cm.

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