Radio Impuls-Offers you really everything
Radio Impulsyou enjoy over weekdays, but also on weekends! You can listen to Nice songs from Czech and foreign composers and singers, which we play for a merrier mood! Songs are not repeated and we play from every style a bit! With us you will listen well!
Radio Pulse-everything you expect from the radio
Radio Impuls is playing the most popular hits since 60. Flight to the present! During weekdays we play for you from midnight to the fifth morning Czech and Slovak hits in the show Czech disco! Beautiful songs are complemented with fresh news, because even at night there is still something happening!
Nice getting up
On weekdays follows a block of songs, from five to nine, favorite radio session Hello, here Impuls, which is intersplayed with new and older hits, a block of information and entertainment prepared for you daily by moderators Honza Daněk and Jitka Vlková. Tune up your pulse radio for a nice wake up!